Supersize to Supermodel

CW: 155 (5/6/2)
GW: 138 in 32 days

(That's hardly "supermodel," but that's good enough for me for now)
I want to reach that by Wednesday, June 6th. Support me on my journey? Click follow and I'll do the same!
Can anyone suggest doable workouts?

There are some videos that are so intense for weightloss… I understand that you need high activity for results, but if I’m a fat ass how the heck am I suppose to immediately reach that level of intensity?


POP Pilates Results?

Does anyone know when Pop Pilates results start to show? Like how many weeks until
I see a difference? Thanks xx

Back from a quick workout! Lost 310 cal!

This leaves room for my popcorn study-snack! Wish me luck on my exams guys, I need it!!!

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